Growing up in the woods outside a tiny town in Arkansas, I have always felt a special connection with the natural world.  Nature and landscape is often at the source of my paintings.  Currently inspired by the Pacific Northwest and coast, the scenes captured in my paintings are unglorified moments in time - drawn out in light and space.  It is not my intention to capture a single momentary reality as a photograph would. Rather I am guided by my experience and feeling of place to create a space existing over time.  Perception and authenticity is always at the core of my work.  The difference between representational painting and abstract painting is really very small.  Both are paint and mark making, moving under the control of the artist. 

Among Pines
Ships Passing
Island Bound
The Early Hours
Maury Island
The Crossing
The Walk Home
Tillicum II
Looking Up
Salish Sea
The Crossing II
Blake Island
Merchant Vessel
Our Land
My Diamond
Dashboard Stilllife